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Happy New Year!

Everyday most of us live in the space between where we are and where we would like to be.  We look for ways to be better at planning, scheduling, strategizing, setting goals and taking action.  Great stuff!  Important stuff! But sometimes there¹s still an out-of-focus chunk of the experience that¹s lurking and untouched by all of the doing.  Strangely, that chunk ...


Who’s making it to the Corner Office?

Great infographic from on making it to the corner office! Statistics I was surprised by: the percent of CEO's that rise to the top within a single company is relatively small. more than 50% of companies say they couldn't name a new permanent CEO Ultimate question?  How will you get noticed as a possible successor?


Remembering 9/11/01

9/11/01 started as a beautiful morning as I left Brooklyn for work in Manhattan around 8:00am. The extreme clearness and intense blueness of the sky was remarkable. When I reached 59th and Lexington and climbed up to street level from the subway, the streets were unusually quiet. A cab driver pulled quickly to the sidewalk to ask me if I ...


Personal Year-End Review 2012

I notice that this time of year seems to generate more personal reflection for me. In business, year-end is often a time for reviews and I like the idea of applying this process to personal life as well.  It provides some familiar structure and, if you do it over time, ...