What is Coaching and Why it Works

Coaching is personalized strategic planning. There are only three steps you will use for any issue you deal with in coaching:

  • Honestly determine where you are now.
  • Creatively determine where you want or need to be.
  • Courageously determine the actions that will make the difference and take those actions.

Coaching works because YOU

  • take yourself more seriously.
  • take more effective and focused actions immediately.
  • stop putting up with what is dragging you down.
  • create momentum so that it’s easier to get results.
  • set better goals that are exactly what YOU want.

Coaching methods rest on accompanying clients in a dialogue that will allow emerging patterns and solutions to surface. Coaching lies between mentoring and training on one end, and psychotherapy and counseling at the other.

Coaching helps to identify the skills and capabilities that are within you, and enables you to use them to the best of your ability.