Personal Year-End Review 2012

I notice that this time of year seems to generate more personal reflection for me. In business, year-end is often a time for reviews and I like the idea of applying this process to personal life as well.  It provides some familiar structure and, if you do it over time, you can get real insights into how you really “operate” and better understand your actual results.

So, what categories are important to you?


Here are some questions you might ask yourself in each category. As you ask them, be kind with yourself.  Look back, but don’t linger.  Notice but don’t judge.  Why?  The focus needs to be on moving forward armed with knowledge from the lessons learned.

What challenges did I encounter?
What did I accomplish that I intended to accomplish?
What was my biggest surprise?  (Something you weren’t expecting)
Where did I operate at my personal best?
What new learning did I do?
Where do I put my focus in 2013?
How do I rate my overall satisfaction?  (Scale of 1-10)

And, because it’s important, add these overall questions:

What am I grateful for this year?
Who did I tell they were important to me?  (Tell them now.)
Who let me know I was important to them? (Did I hear them?)

Great work.  There is one last important question.  Sid Savara ( framed it well.

“What do I want the answers to these questions to be next year – and how will I get there?”

Let me know how this process worked for you.  What would you add?  What strategies do you use?

Here’s to a great 2013.



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